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Bright Eyes Framed Trio
Three Bright Eyes prints framed with dark rust suede mat, satin black frame, and three feathers. Click picture to see fine detail. 30.25x9.5 inches outer dimensions of framed piece. Will be shipped without glass (or picked up with glass). $105 plus shipping costs. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE EXACT ITEM SHOWN IN THE PHOTO. Please call to purchase. Phone number at top of page. Check, Visa, Mastercard accepted. 

WANT 3 DIFFERENT CAT PRINTS MATTED LIKE THIS?  I can mat ANY three of my cat prints in a similar manner for you as shown above. I would suggest white or black matting for such a venture because it goes with any of my 8 Bright Eyes prints no matter what their color themes are. Price would be $85 plus shipping (shipping will be around $15-20 depending on your location). Price does not include a frame or glass. I will provide a few feathers so you can arrange them as you like when you frame the piece at your end. Frame/glass size you will need is 30.25 x 9.5"

BUY THEM UNFRAMED!       $24 each, ppd.    or    Set of 8 for $60 postpaid
My Bright Eyes cat prints are signed & numbered offset lithographs, expertly made the old fashioned way, printed on a printing press using ink and fine, acid-free paper. They are not cheap inkjet prints! To view each print closely, click on any of the framed pictures here on this webpage. All unframed prints get free shipping to anywhere! 
To order a single print or the full set, please order using the buttons at the top left of this web page. Or you can call to order if you want to mail a check. 
Set of 8 BrightEyes s/n Prints - $60 postpaid to anywhere


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 Black and white cats, jellico cats, and other breeds of cats may be in Janet Wissmann's future as well. Birman and Burmese are particulary of interst to the artist Janet. Janet's cat art prints are limited-editions entitled "Bright Eyes". There are eight prints in the series. Each fine art cat print can be framed with a real feather, or can be purchased already matted and framed, each with its own real feather. Feathers range from guinea fowl feathers to colorful pheasant and chicken feathers. Some of the feathers with these matted cat fine art prints are from domesticated parrots, such as Yellow-fronted Amazon parrots, African Gray parrots, Scarlet Macaws, and Blue and Gold Macaws.
The cats pictured in Janet's limited-edition, signed cat art prints and cat watercolor paintings range from purebred Siamese cats and Himalayan and Persians, to colorful barnyard calicos and orange and ginger tiger cats. Mackerel tabbies and white cat with black chin are also found in the set of cat art prints by Janet.