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 Welcome to my "Bright Eyes" cat prints webpage. These watercolors celebrate the beauty and color of cats. I am a professional watercolor artist who specializes in painting animals, and I use a technique that I developed as a result of taking several art classes, including botanical illustration at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History.  My technique incorporates many layers of transparent watercolor, in some cases up to 20 layers, which is very time consuming but also very rewarding.
    Below are some of my cat limited-edition prints. They are high-quality 4-color offset lithographs professionally printed on acid-free paper.  Each image was produced in an edition limited to 950 signed-and-numbered prints. Image size of each print is 4.25x7.25".  Framed prints have outer dimensions of 9.5 x 12.5" -- perfect for that small area in your house or office! 

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No. 73/950Calico Tiger Cat with amber-green eyesby Janet Wissmann
Blue "granite" top mat; tan inner mat; satin greenmoss frame; pheasant feather
complete with glass
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This painting by Janet Wissmann shows a beautiful, bright-eyed calico cat in the picture, which is framed and matted up nicely. The pheasant feather in this painting echoes the constricted pupils of the calico cat.  

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     My phone # is 608 624 5511, available 9AM to 9PM Central Time. Thank you for visiting this page, and enjoy the cats!  If you don't see a mat color you would like, let me know and I can make one for you!